Rape suspect freed as victim confessed of enjoying s3x

Rape suspect freed as victim confessed of enjoying sex

A young man has been acquitted and discharged of rape charges after the victim claimed she had enjoyed sex with him. According to reports, he had grabbed the woman from the back and threw her on the ground violently. Before the woman could recover, the young man identified as Charles Lutaaya tore her fabrics and had sex with her in Uganda.

After the damage, the woman gathered her belongings and proceeded home. Though she had recognised the man, the woman kept mute in fear of shame.

Fearing that her husband and others would find out, she decided to report the case at Kibuye Police Station. To prove her claim, she presented her knickers that had been ripped up in the middle as an exhibit.

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She was examined by a doctor assigned by the police and there was no evidence of forceful penetration.

However, the doctor noted the scratches the woman had sustained around the neck.

Upon the report, the police arrested the suspect and locked him at the Kibuye Police station.

No evidence was found on the suspect to incriminate him in the alleged rape; no unusual tears or scratches on his body. A detective who examined Lutaaya said,

“We did not take him for DNA examination.”

According to him, DNA is a new thing. Though there had been forensic science, it was not something everyone embraced.

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In his statement to the police, Lutaaya maintained that he had not raped the complainant, claiming that he had had a love affair with her.

The complainant, after hearing the suspect’s case realised that she could actually lose her marriage.

She then knelt down at the police station and begged her husband for forgiveness.

“We did not expect that, but we later understood her point…She felt she was going to be accused of infidelity; she denied having an affair with Lutaaya,” the detective said.”When she apologised that seems to have cooled down the man and saved her marriage,” the detective added.