“They Are Not Biologically Mine” – Lady Who Celebrated Twins That Went Viral

“They Are No Biologically Mine” – Lady Who Celebrated Twins That Went Viral

Yesterday a lady took to her social media page to celebrate the first year birthday of twins “Jayden and Jayson” a kid she always treat and love as her own, she shared a story to accompany the birthday wishes which may make her look like the mother, but the true fact is this, she’s not the biological mother of the kids as many bloggers misunderstood her and published the story portraying her as their biological mother

Below was what she shared recently on facebook:-

Yesterday, while celebrating the first year birthday of Jayson and Jayden the lovely kids I always take and treat as mine due to the love I have for them, some bloggers went on publishing the story without even asking who their mother is, the whole story may portray me as their mother, but they are not biologically mine.
I & their mother carried the whole burden from the cold response of the man responsible and that of his family, labour, blood lost, surgery. I love Jayson and Jayden so much, I’m so excited that they made it this far despite the whole health saga that caused us tension, and panic before and after their birth, and I wish them long life and prosperity.

My lovely soul sister Faith John who I also love so much is the biological mother of “Jayson and jayden”

Photos of the biological mother below:-

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