Many Feared Dead As Filling Station Was Gutted By Fire In Nasarawa (Video)

A gas explosion in Lafia, Nasarawa State has left many people dead.
According to reports gathered on Twitter, the explosion happened at the Natson Filling Station, located opposite Police Clinic, Jos road, Lafia, in Nasarawa State, today, September 10th.

It actually affected a gas station close to the filling station as well. But it is not yet confirmed where the fire started from
Large billows and dark smoke, with loud sounds of explosions could be heard from over one kilometre.

The cause of the explosion is yet unknown. But according to reports, security operatives and para-medics have been deployed to the scene. Though the presence of onlookers is interfering with the work of the para-medics.

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It is although not stated if officers of the Nasarawa State Fire Service have been deployed to the scene but there is so much pandemonium in the area as residents could be seen fleeing their homes out of fear of the ravaging fire extending to their homes.
A similar incident was reported in the state yesterday. The incident happened at Sandaji Filling Station in Lafia and it is not confirmed yet if there is any connection between the previous incident and this.