I was inspired by the above title from Paul’s admonition to the Colossian church in the Bible. I had to take a second look at the passage a few years ago and thought really deeply about what the Lord was communicating to His people through the Inspiring pen of the Apostle guided by a spiritual mind.

Paul told the church that believers could be Imprisoned by the Philosophies of men hence make wrong decisions in their walk with God, I truly see that today but not with the philosophies that Paul’s generation struggled with.

“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” (Col. 2 v 8)

We just finished a teaching series in our church titled, ‘Beware…series’, this series helped us to take a closer look at some warnings in scriptures for believers so that we may lead holy and godly lives unto the Lord. I did not take the one on Philosophies but would love to share some of the most dangerous philosophies that believers should run from.

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Philosophy in this context would mean more than a scientific study of ‘knowledge’ or even a course of study in schools today but would mean a ‘world view’ of men or a ‘moral position’ of people on Right and Wrong. Some people believe that certain things are not wrong because of their philosophy of life while others believe those same things are evil.

Let me share some of the Worst Philosophies Believers can uphold and must never become Imprisoned by.


BIGGER IS BETTER: Many people today believe that anything bigger is certainly better than smaller hence they fashion their lives around coveting Bigger things rather than asking God to make them happy in life.

RICHER IS STRONGER: The Role Money is playing today in making decisions for people is amazing and critical. Many people choose friends, spouses, jobs, locations etc. based on money and it is not always stronger than character. People like Mandela, Mother Teresa and Ghandi did not have too much money but were stronger than rich men in their days.

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FAKE IS BETTER THAN REAL: We Live In a very fake world where people prefer Fake to Real hence the Medical doctors that are involved in plastic surgeries are richer than others because they are producing fake people than real people.

CORRUPTION IS NOT BAD: Believe it or not, that is the new phrase in my beloved country, Nigeria, today. People seem to prefer corruption to integrity and I have heard so many good people say that Corruption is not that ‘bad’ as long as the money flows down… shameful philosophy.

CHURCH IS NOT NECESSARY: Some even posit that going to church today is not really necessary because of the very many sad stories of false preachers fleecing the flock, as much as I sympathize with the gullible and naive today, the philosophy is warped and wrong. Nothing can replace the place of fellowshipping with God and His people in an assembly even if some have abused the same in the past.

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I hope this article would have done something to you with respect to your Philosophy and World view, please do not be Imprisoned by Your Philosophy to your detriment.