This was what I told my son when he got involved in a Friendly relay race competition recently in our church.

This is the secret of winning relay races in life, you choose your best runners in the first and last legs of the
race to do just the above, Start Strong and End Well.

Let me Inspire you today being the last day of the year 2018 and as we prepare to begin a new year 2019 in another few hours from now; you have to take life as a relay race with the winning tips above as your guiding philosophy for the race, Start Strong and End Well.

The scriptures that comes readily to mind is what reminds me of who God is in time and out of time through the Prophetic lens of John the Divine. I am the Alpha and the Omega, beginning and end, saith the Lord, who is, and who was, and who is coming — the Almighty.’

I am the Alpha and the Omega — the Beginning and End — the First and the Last. Happy are those doing His commands that the authority shall be theirs unto the tree of the life, and by the gates they may enter into the city (Rev 22 v 13-14).
God is the beginning and ending of everything in life and the Apostle enjoins us to obey His Commands If we want to enjoy the tree of life and enter the beautiful city through its gates. These simply means ‘winning in life’ because the tree of life and city are symbolic as much as they are literal. They stand for enjoying the best of life through winning and victory by obeying His Word.

I will love to share 5 Tips on how to End Well and Start Strong towards enjoying the Tree of Life and walking into the City that many will not get into.


START AND END IN CHURCH OR GOD’S PRESENCE: This is my great counsel and I discovered this tip in scriptures, once you begin with God and also endeavor to end with Him, Winning is guaranteed for you. ‘In the Beginning God Created…’, start your 2019 with fasting and prayers.

START AND END WITH A VISION/DREAM: The first thing God created in the beginning was “Light” which speaks About Vision or Dreams. The vision of the ‘Bright and Morning star’ ends the scriptures in Rev 22 v 16. You have to ‘see’ before you ‘move’, and if you cannot see your 2019, then ask God to show you what is in store.

START AND END WITH JOY AND EXCITEMENT: There is Power In ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘optimism’. So many people kill themselves by being pessimistic about life always and lose the joy of living. Make sure you are happy and hopeful about the coming year because the devil can only stop you if you lose your enthusiasm and energy for 2019.

START AND END WITH A PRAISE AND SONG: This is my practice for over 15 years, I always ensure I sing and dance away the previous year and dance into the new year with joy of the Lord. It will be well as you sing praises to Him for giving you breath and health to see 2019. Dance, sing and praise God Into the dawn of 2019.

START AND END WITH A WORD: Make sure you start the new year with a Word as you end the old one with a Word of Thanks. Let me share what God is laying on my heart with you for 2019; ‘DOMINION’ is what He wants us to appropriate as believers whilst not losing track of other things He may want to do for us.

I will see you in the new year and have a beautiful year ahead in Jesus name.

Be Inspired.

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