If you want to Enjoy S3x with your partner here are some Places You should do it at


If you are in a non-sexual relationship, you might want to look away now, but please be sure to bookmark this for when you are ready to get down.

For partners in sexual relationships, there comes a time when making love on the bed becomes a bit boring and repetitive.

Even the cushion, couch and chair become quite over-used, and there’s a need for fresh ideas.

Here are 18 places you should consider as alternatives.

Yes, some of them are totally crazy, but as you know by now: the crazier, the better!

So let’s get straight to it… the 18 crazy places to make love.

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1. Do it on the floor.

2. Do it on a stairwell.

3. Do it on the kitchen counter.

4. Do it under the shower.

5. By the window.

6. Against a wall.

7. What about at the cinemas?

8. At a party.

9. In a plane [You actually have to be really determined to pull this off. Lol]

10. You should absolutely do it against a refrigerator [Make sure its steady enough.]

11. In a bath-tub.

12. Ok, this is crazy but… you could do it in your parents’ house.

13. On the football pitch [Corpers and University students will understand]

14. On the bonnet/bumper of a car.

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15. Do it in a club.

16. You should consider making love in a car, too.

17. At work. [Well, you better be the owner of the company before you try this.]

18. And of course, you should do it under the stars.