HOMEFRONT: The Revolution Gets Story Trailer

With two days remaining to the release, developer Dambuster studios and Deep Silver have revealed a new trailer showcasing Homefront: The Revolution’s story.

The trailer starts off with the spotlight on Benjamin Walker, who is a known terrorist figure and is also known as the ‘Voice of Freedom’. The protagonist of the game, Ethan Brady, will be searching Philadelphia for Benjamin. The trailer also, from Ethan Brady’s first person perspective, introduces us to Dana, who is the leader of the Resistance.


Ethan is a civilian unlike Roberts Jacob from the last game, who was a former marine. That is what makes the game an enticing play; the growth of Ethan from being a civilian to a full-fledged freedom fighter.

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Looking at the trailer, I must say that the long awaited sequel to Homefront looks endearing. Let us see how well it does next week when it releases. From what I gathered, the campaign is said to be more than 30 hours long and this time around, it will be an open-world environment unlike its predecessor.

The game is set to release on 17th May in USA and Canada and 20th May in Europe. It’s releasing on Linux, Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.