#BeInspired: The Problem with a Simple Life – Rev. Yomi Kasali

The Problem with And Simple Life - Rev. Yomi Kasali

I had a very fruitful and engaging conversation with my son recently; we had a home fellowship with some members of our church and the topic for discussion was ‘Living a Simple Life’, many people were very disposed to the idea of living a very simple life but mentioned various challenges with the idea.

The scriptures encourages believers to live a very ‘simple life’ of faith. In fact Paul the Apostle believes the Christian faith is best lived in a simple way, he mentioned it in 2 Corr. 11 v 3, “and I fear, lest, as the serpent did beguile Eve in his subtlety, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that [is] in the Christ;”

Paul opined that the faith of our Lord is a simple one and not complex or complicated. He also believes living a simple life is easier when you develop a simplistic approach to life and not complicated by being modest in your conduct and conversation, ‘Let Your moderation be made known unto all men, the Lord is at hand’ (Philippians 4 v 5).

The church has stopped teaching the morals of living a simple life because of some problems and I am going to share a few of these problems with you shortly. It is pertinent to know that they are dangerous to our spiritual health and we should preserve our hearts with the simplicity of faith and not allow the enemy to devour our souls by complicating the faith of our Lord and His instructions.

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CONTENTMENT IS PERCEIVED AS LAIDBACK: The Bible says ‘Godliness with contentment is great gain…’, but the church is preaching the very opposite with avarice and greed fueling our hearts daily for more. It is difficult to live a Simple life with the Prosperity message being preached today, and please believe me that it is not the Bible Prosperity that we are pushing today, hence, makes it almost impossible to live a Simple life.

EXTRAVAGANCE AND FLAMBOYANT LIFESTYLE: The African American church has influenced the church in Africa more negatively than positively. I have been opportune to preach in a few English and American churches in Europe and the States and I have found out that African American culture has influenced our culture. Most white led churches have very rich pastors without private jets but almost all the mega African American led churches in America strive to be flamboyant and extravagant.

BIGGER, RICHER AND LARGER IS BETTER: There is an unbelievable desire to be ‘bigger’, ‘larger’, ‘higher’, ‘richer’, and every superlative tense that can be achievable because we have been told that they are ‘better’. Foolishly we have believed the lie from the devil, so we strive to build a ‘mega’ church even if the members are not Christians but possible jihadists. We are just obsessed with bigger, richer, larger and higher, so it makes it difficult to live a Simple life.


SIMPLE IS STUPID, BORING AND A SIGN OF FAILURE: There are people who truly believe that to be simple in life is stupid, boring and a sign a failure because of the very fact that simplicity guarantees you some measure of peace and tranquility without undue stress. Why can’t I just go to work, be friends and don’t fight in the office, close from work and go home to a lovely family, spend time to call my loved ones and wish them well, go to church during the week and weekends, then raise my kids in a godly manner…they consider this life as stupid and boring. I disagree with their conclusions because I enjoy this simple life.

NOISY AND LOUDER IS IN VOGUE: Some people believe that the life that is boring is the one without some noise; the Bible says we should live a peaceful and quiet life (1 Tim. 2 v 2). This is why it is difficult to live a Simple life because we prefer the Noise of New York and Lagos to the quietness of Abuja and our villages. We think noise means fun hence young people go to clubs during the weekends and still go to ‘noisy’ churches as well, we just think being loud in dressing, and noisy in life makes your life fun meanwhile beneath the loud noise are sad people who are really depressed, so they nurture their aches when everyone has left the club.

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I want to ask you to live a Simple life unashamedly and DO NOT COMPLICATE YOUR LIFE.

I hope you have been inspired by this piece.

Be inspired!