African Rap to the Global World – Tito Lanna”s Story

African Rap to the Global World - Tito Lanna

Matthias Anum Otoo(born August 19, 1997), known professionally as Tito, is a Ghanaian Rapper and songwriter raised in Sampa Valley, Accra. During his high school period, he was affiliated with various rap entities until deciding to pursue a solo career.

According to the rapper, his music is influenced by his society. He is into music to be remembered for greater music hits hence the reason why he is always in the studio.

A lot of people are into music but few succeed but he thinks that people do music out of passion and there are similarities but the difference is the decisions we make so the issue is not with being different but observant enough to learn the mistakes from others.

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Currently, he has a lot of unreleased songs but he assures fans to watch out for more greater tunes. Lord Forgive Me is the first major single from Tito in 2018. You can stream and enjoy