Lady Slaps Male Dancer In Edo For Disrespecting And Rough Handling Her (Video)

A video capturing a yet to be identified lady slapping a male dancer in Edo State for publicly disrespecting and rough handling her is currently making waves on the internet

The male dancer received a huge embarrassment upon receipt of hot slaps for disrespecting and rough handling a female passerby whom he begged to dance with him.

Apparently, the dancer was trying to put on a show on the street and to wow his audience, he needed a female volunteer to help – after compelling a female passerby to join, she eventually adhered to his request.

After putting up something sort of a Jamaican rugged dance move, the lady felt really disrespected and rough handled and so she slapped hum on the face while passersby looked on and some even laughed.

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Watch the hilarious video below…..