Buhari promises to reopen cases of political assassination

President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday promised
that his administration will ensure that all cases of
political assassination, intimidation and kidnappings in
the country are thoroughly investigated.
This, he said, would be done with a view to ensuring that
the perpetrators are speedily brought to justice,
irrespective of their political affiliation.
A statement by his Special Adviser on Media and
Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, quoted the President as
making the promise while addressing state chairmen of
the All Progressives Congress, who visited him at the
Presidential Villa, Abuja.
Buhari was said to have told the APC chiefs that he
remains committed to providing a level playing field for
all Nigerians to get on with their daily lives or participate
in electing their leaders without fear of intimidation.
Buhari also promised that his administration would
continuously strengthen Nigeria’s criminal justice
system to curb the reign of injustice and impunity in the
The President said, “At every point, the law must be
supreme and everyone must respect the law, if our
democratic system is to survive.
“Injustice cannot survive for long. Justice will ultimately
prevail. We will make sure that those saddled with the
responsibility of ensuring justice and equity do not rest
on their oars.
“The only way we can sustain our democracy is to
ensure that the law remains supreme at all times. If the
law is upheld, people will have confidence that they can
vote for who they want to vote for, without intimidation
or threats.
“People must have protection to exercise their rights
freely or we could be headed for anarchy.
“The police and the judiciary must ensure that justice is
done in the country. We won’t allow impunity to
continue in certain states, where the rights of the people
are being violated.
“I have a personal commitment to fair play and respect
of personal rights. This government will do all that is
possible to enforce that.”
While recalling his address to the National Executive
Council of the APC on Friday, Buhari said now that the
APC is the party in government, it must lead by example
and consolidate on the gains of democratic system.
The President urged the APC State Chairmen and other
political leaders in the country to keep to prescribed
legal processes for the resolution of political disputes
and never resort to violence, criminality and other
forms of unacceptable behaviour in seeking redress for
any perceived injustice.
He also called on the state chairmen to work with the
party’s elected officials to ensure that the APC delivers
on its promise of better living conditions for all
The leader of the delegation and Chairman of the APC in
Kano State, Umar Dogowa, said the APC State Chairmen
were on a visit to the Presidential Villa to reaffirm their
support for Buhari and his administration .
Dogowa assured the President that the state chairmen
would uphold the values of the party, promote peace
and unity in the country, and also ensure that APC
elected members live to fulfill their promises to
Some of the APC state chairmen in states controlled by
other parties complained to Buhari of political
intimidation and harassment in their states.
Dogowa later told State House correspondents that the
state APC chairmen were in the Presidential Villa to
congratulate the President on his election and thank him
for what he has been doing for the country and the APC
since he was inaugurated on May 29.
He said the President promised them that he would
continue to be a true party man and that he would not
rest on his oars until Nigeria is back on track.
He said the era of impunity had gone with the last
administration, saying everybody is now obeying the
The APC chief added that the country is now
programmed for greatness.
He said the leadership crisis in the National Assembly
was over.