7 Things Short People Want Everyone Else To Know


7 Things Short People Want Everyone Else To Know

7 Things Short People Want Everyone Else To Know

Short people have really suffered.
From people patting their heads to asking them “how is it down there”, short people are used to being disrespected by anyone who is taller than they are. Like every group of people, we have been stereotyped. Here are some things we want everyone to know:

1. We are not always angry

Short people are people too. And should be able to express their anger or frustration without people thinking it has something to do with their height.

2. Shortness isn’t cute

Most people have a “short people are cute” filter. Shortness doesn’t make anyone cute. And stop patting people on their heads because you’re taller.


3. We also have travelling problems

Just because your legs are scrunched up and ours isn’t, doesn’t mean that we don’t have any travelling problems. We have to sit down and listen to tall people complain about seat space for once.

4. Large crowds also bother us

Why do tall humans assume that short ones can find spaces in large crowds? Being small hasn’t eliminated the body mass of other people in the crowd.

5. Shins aren’t the only body parts we can kick

We also kick feet and can jump to slap you too!

6. We also bang our bodies against anything
Everyone, small people included, also bang their legs against the table and cabinet legs. And just because tall people have to watch out for low doors doesn’t invalidate the suffering of the small people.

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7. We can be clumsy too

Anyone can be clumsy. That also includes short people. Enuff said!