6 Female Masturbation Secret


If your lady ever allows you to watch her touch herself, here are the things to look for
In this part of the world, [email protected]:’ is seen as a topic that cannot be spoken of, even worse, the act of masturbation. The society disagrees that female masturbation is demonic and the woman should be at the mercy of her man, we all know a lot of ladies as well as guys do it in private.

While it sounds unlikely but true, masturbation is the only way some women can [email protected]$m, this is has come to be perhaps due to the terrible [email protected]:’ some of these ladies have had previously. Because of the long strings of disappointing [email protected]:’, the woman has relied on herself to get pleasure. Over those periods, she has developed how to satisfy herself, creating the easiest, fastest and incredible ways of achieving [email protected]$m, after all she is the number one expert on her body.

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One common misconception is that all women masturbate the same, its not true, due to the sensitive nature of different women, their masturbation techniques will differ. If you ever get to chance to watch her touch herself, this is indeed a lesson for you, so take note.

1. Types

This is rather a wide category depending on how her body is configured. She could be into toys, warm/cold water, bottles or anything around her vicinity. Most times, it’s usually with the hands. Pay attention to how her hands or the toys rub on her and privates.

2. Speed

With normal [email protected]:’, the speed is controlled by the guy depending on the [email protected]:’ual position they’re in. With this, she is in complete control, the speed is usually alternated. She goes fast then slows down.

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3. Stimulation

The way pressure is applied on the Pu.$$y varies from one woman to another. Some men can be very rough with the stimulation. If she allows you watch, it might be good to watch how her hands go, if she squeezes, taps, pat, tug or pulls down there. A lesson you might need to learn. Pressure is always very important, usually how a lady touches herself speaks volumes on how she’ll like to be touched.

4. Exact Places

It might look like some women shove their hands or dildo into their [email protected]!na, it might look like that, they aim for somewhere very specific. Learn where her hand movements go, if one hand is on the Pu.$$y, is the other on the N!.pplss or somewhere else?

5. Setting the scene

Ideally, before these things start, there is the scene in mind that everything has to be in its place. The lights are dim, the scented candles are on, or even some music at the background. Such environment is part of the process.

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6. Psychological Setting

The psychological conditions are also very important, what goes through her mind while pleasuring herself. All these needs to be looked into.