5 Dirty Secrets She’s Keeping From You And When You Should Be Worried


Figuring out what is going on in a woman’s mind is one of the most difficult task for men which is why we are mostly lost in awe when we realize some of these dirty things. As a result we dug deep to find out some of the most dirty secrets women keep and when you should become worried.

1. They’ve Had Sex With More Men Than You Think
Research shows that 1 out of 3 women lie about the number of men they’ve been with and this should only become worrisome when they carry any form of STDs. When you get to find out, the best thing is not to bring it up as women are interested in keeping their past where it is and focusing on their present. If you really must know, let her be comfortable with sharing with you.

2. They Want Other Men
Women sometimes fantasise about men other than the person they are dating either during sexual activity or otherwise. There’s absolutely no reason to worry about this because it is normal to sometimes think about other people asides the person you’re dating. Doing this doesn’t mean they have any deep feelings for the person in their thoughts but it helps to add some form of eroticism into your relationship.
There’s no point to act on this but if you really want to, you can try looking into her eyes during lovemaking. This sends a powerful message across and also helps to focus her attention.

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3. They’ve Been With Someone Else While They Were With You
A lot of people cheat but because it never comes out, it doesn’t become an issue. The best time to be worried about this is when she tells you she wants to spend time alone, she no longer has the spark and she begins to maintain an irregular schedule. Furthermore, women cheat for a variety of reasons. Some do it because their sex life sucks and others simply because they no longer feel the way they do. More so, some other women cheat because they want to be desirable or due to boredom and a need for excitement in their lives.
It is however important that you don’t take her getting distant as a sign she’s cheating as this may break the trust between the two of you. It is better to instead tell her what your fears are, while also mentioning your own failings.

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4. They Meet Up With Their Ex Without Notifying You
A study published in 2009 in the journal of CyberPsychology & Behavior found that people were more likely to chat with their friends on social media than with their sexual partners. It should be of note if she begins to tell her ex things she knows you’d be angry at if you get to know.
You should not monitor her activities but should instead encourage her to be more open by taking the lead. Tell her when any of your exes contact as this will show her you have nothing to hide.

5. They’ve Faked Their Orgasms
Recent studies have shown that lots of women tend to fake their orgasms. This shouldn’t be anything to worry about except her general urge to have sex with you wanes. A study published in the Journal of Sex Research discovered that 63 percent of women who faked their orgasms never initiated the sexual activity.

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If you think there’s something wrong, bring up your fears casually while ensuring you do so outside of the bedroom. This is to ensure she doesn’t feel pressured. You can ask her if there’s anything she’d like the both of you to try in the bedroom. This can make you meet up to her needs and expectations.